Monday, January 3, 2011

High Key Portraits and Couples

Awhile back, I posted some shots I took in the portrait studio. They were of my classmate Peter. If you look back on those images, Peter was lit a lot darker than these images you're about to look at. The purpose of a high-key portrait is to have less separation of highlight and shadow (the part of the face looking toward the light source - highlight - and the part of the face facing away from the key light source - shadow) than that of a low-key portrait. Typically (not always though) you can notice whether a portrait is high key or low key by the clothing chosen. Traditionally with low key, the clothing tends to be darker (blues to grays to blacks), whereas high key shots are usually lighter colors (lt. blue, lt. pink, whites, off whites, or natural colors).

Along with this assignment, we also had to photograph couples. We had so much fun shooting this part of it. Not only it is awkward b/c we're not really dating each other, but then you're being asked to put each other in the following poses:

1) a close-up of the couple
2) one sitting, one standing
3) both seated
4) both standing

The photos tend to be a bit more intimate. Boy, was it funny! And of all guys...Peter! He was a trooper though and definitely tolerated Madelyn and me.

And just so you can see the fun we have here at Hallmark, here is Tony (one of our instructors) setting up the last picture. Tony stepped in as Madelyn to show her how she was going to pose. Gotta love a moment of a bromance! :) You can tell Peter was just all messed up!

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