Wednesday, June 13, 2012

VVC Dedication

For over ten years, Valley View Chapel has talked about adding an addition onto the current church building. After much sacrifice and a lot of prayer, they were able to build a Family Life Center, which would become the "hub" of all its ministries. The main room dually functions as a sanctuary and gym, but there are also new classrooms, a kitchen, a much-improved sound booth, and brand new nursery. In general, the building meets so many needs and is going to be a place that will be used by many in the community.

VVC has been the church I've attended since I was in 7th grade. There are many memories of things that have taken place there. I am excited for the things they are able to do to impact the community and for the space it gives them to have events throughout the year.

Here are some pictures I took during the dedication ceremony back in April....
        (To see more images, click here)

What it looks like from the sound booth above

A gift - a drawing of the way the church looks now - given to the head of the building committee

The 4 pastors VVC has had over the years.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby G:: PA Newborn Session

A few weeks ago, I found out friends of mine were adopting a newborn. I can't share too many details of the story, and will refer to the baby as "baby G", but let me tell you, this story is so sweet. My friends already have three kids, but felt burdened to follow through with this adoption. Every step in the process moved swiftly and in just a month, they were able to bring home baby G, weighing just under 5 lbs.

He's been in his 'new' home for less than a week, and just last evening, I went over to take some pics. My friends live along the Delaware River and it became a perfect backdrop for some of the pictures.

His older siblings already have such love for him. They are tender as they hold him, and even the family's dog and pet ducks took part in the session.

World, may I introduce you to baby G....

You've already stolen the hearts of so many...

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Walsh family:: Playwicki Farm

Tonight I had a session with the Walsh family. Their "reunion" celebrated many things -- birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. I photographed Caleb a few months ago, and they invited me back to take pictures while family was in town for the weekend.

Amelia's brother is in the Army and just graduated from Basic Training. She wanted some pics of him in his uniform, and bought a onesie for Caleb to wear proudly for his uncle. Her parents and sisters were also in town, too, so they thought it a perfect time for a family session.

We had gorgeous weather - although a bit sticky - and it was wonderful to meet the rest of Amelia's family. Thanks, everyone, for spending a few hours with me. Hope you enjoy the rest of your family time together this weekend.

Here are a few images to hold you over till the rest come...

his shirt says "I crawl the line" :-)

Amelia and Josh

Caleb - he's getting SO big....

Caleb was mesmerized by Phil

Amelia, Josh, Caleb, and Amelia's siblings

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Sean: Deacon Ordination

This morning I had the opportunity to photograph Sean's ordination into the deaconry, which took place at the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral. There were 4 others who were becoming deacons and one who was becoming a priest.

washing of the feet

The service was very formal and followed a liturgical program. The cathedral's website provides a bit more information on today's event.

Sean has been interning at Church of the Crucifixion in Philadelphia and hopes to continue with ministry.

Congrats, Sean, on this very important day!
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame....

If there is one sport my nephew enjoys playing, it's baseball. A few months ago, he wrote a report for school and dressed up like Derek Jeter. He plays on a team, plays for fun when he's not playing on the team, and looks pretty darn cute, er, rugged in his baseball hat. He's for sure all boy -- doesn't mind the mud, loves running around and getting sweaty, and enjoys the days of youth.

I only got to see one of Grant's baseball games before moving back to PA. Just days prior he had gotten a pretty fat lip after taking a baseball to the face. But he mustered up the courage to play the game, and be the best 1st baseman/shortstop/pitcher he could be.

counting the number of outs (can you see the black and blue on his upper lip?)
All was going well, until he got a little protective of first base. The runner came toward him and he didn't realize it probably wasn't a good idea to stand in front of the bag. What happened next took us all a bit by surprise. He and the other little boy collided and Grant took a pretty hard hit to the sand.

But he got up and went about his business, trying to avoid crying and acting like the tough 8 yr. old that he is. But then his coach came over to make sure he was OK, and Grant just kept his eyes looking forward. He couldn't be bothered....

The inning ended, and he got up to bat. He got a pretty good hit that got him to first base.

 Proudly sporting the #2 jersey...

 He hasn't quite realized he shouldn't watch the ball as he runs...but he ended up scoring a run....

And meanwhile, his brothers were half watching, half playing, and I caught this pic of my other nephew Dean.... There is just something so gripping about this image...maybe because he's my oldest nephew... seemingly all grown up... Oh, how I wish I could freeze time and just savor these sweet memories I am able to capture.

I absolutely cherish the time I get with my little men. I still snuggle with them, and scratch their backs. I love trying to distract them from watching tv or playing their video games, just to hear them say "Siiiiissy, stop!" I love when they come running - ready to topple me over - when they've not seen me in awhile. And I love sleepovers... Why do they have to get so big??

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cuteness Overload....

To some, taking pictures of a lot of children can be very overwhelming, but to me, it's pure joy!!
I had the opportunity to get together with a number of my family members to take engagement pics, kids pics, family pics, and lots of little things in between.

A big ol' blog post will be coming soon...for now, this is one of my favs from the day....such sweetness and I just adore that flower.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Showers of Love

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to a bridal shower for Brittany. She and her fiance - Bradley (most people call him Meek) - are getting married in July. And while at the shower, I - of course - had to take soooome pictures. Brittany has one of the kindest hearts. I remember first meeting her (she was close with a mutual friend of ours) and wishing I could call her my friend. She is passionate about many things, and really cares deeply for her friends. She also has an incredible fashion sense, and it's often the topic of many jokes (in regards to matching vs. non-matching). And if there's one thing she can't do without, it's tie dye shirts. Not really. She can't stand the fact that all these random (usually unmatched) colors are all splattered on a shirt...and that people actually wear them!

But I am thankful to now be able to call her friend and excited for their wedding in July.

Here are a few pics of the shower...

Aren't these just so beautiful? They tasted AMAZING!!

Britt and some of her coworkers

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