Friday, December 7, 2012

Caroline:: Lititz, PA newborn

When my cousin Jill told us she was pregnant with baby #2, we were very excited for her family. I took a picture of their 'announcing' it on Facebook:

So when Jill asked me if I'd like to take newborn pictures, I was honored to travel to see them. I went the day before super storm Sandy came...and the weather was kind of ominous. But we were able to have our session before the weather turned bad.

Jill and Ryan's son, Luca, is just one of the sweetest little boys. He is usually very happy and is such a polite little boy. I can't get over his eyes - there is just something about them that has me commenting on them with every photo I take.

And now his little sister - Caroline - is just as precious. Just a few weeks after Caroline's birth, the family of four came to NJ to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family. And it continues to be one of the things we look forward to each year - having time with our family.

Jill and Ryan - I pray Caroline is as much a blessing to you as Luca has been. She sure is a cutie!!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Derr:: Hackettstown, NJ family session

Courtney and I grew up together. We went to elementary school together. We played soccer with one another. We had lockers right next to each other, because her maiden name and my last name both start with Z. Courtney has a twin Kristin. Now she has a husband Corey...and some furry creatures that are part of her family. Court and I weren't in touch too often after high school, but I kept up with her once FB got popular. Well a few years ago, I found myself living in NJ for awhile...and Courtney lives in the next town over from where we grew up. We began to meet with each other and grab lunch, or go shopping, and we have become friends again.

Court and Corey just recently moved into their first home. They were excited to leave behind the apartment they were calling 'home' for the first few years of their marriage. I was excited when Court asked if I could take some pictures of her and Corey for their Christmas card this year. Of course Bella had to be in a few.... her head tilts easily when a few key words are uttered. And at the beginning of our session (out in front of their new home), the mailman came down the street in his mailtruck. Bella went crazy!!

Court and Corey - I'm thankful to have reconnected, and glad that we can spend some time together. Now that I'm in PA and you're in NJ, I know we don't get to see each other as often, but I like being able to visit when I'm home. And next time......we're gonna get Dunkin'!

And blessings on your new home!!

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Monday, December 3, 2012


I took Christmas pictures of my nephews last week, and the only request that Grant had over and over was:  "Sissy, can we take pictures with the chickens?" My sister and bro-in-law got 3 chickens about 2 months ago. The boys have named the chickens and Grant - especially - has an affinity for them. Throughout the session, I kept saying (in the biggest attempt at patience), "You better smile and look at the camera if you want pictures with the chickens." Grant was really the only one interested in pictures when it was all said and done.

The other day, I called my sister, and Grant answered the phone. He said (with a cuteness that melted me), "Sissy, can I ask you a question? Can you post the pictures of me with 'Red' on your thing?" Red is one of the chickens and the 'thing' is my blog. Too cute.

Well, Grant, here are the pictures of you and Red.

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