Friday, July 5, 2013


There are those moments when you feel as though life is moving along at warp speed. I am experiencing one of those moments as I write this post. My youngest nephew - Gavin - turns 7 today. SEVEN! I remember his chubby little baby face. I recall moments of holding him in my arms, and now - poof - that little baby is now my growing "munchkin". He calls me "Sis" and gives me eskimo and butterfly kisses. He says he has to tell me a secret and instead kisses my cheek. He is a funny one in front of the camera, always wanting to make faces and be silly. But every now and then I can get him to give me a good pose!

I'd not trade being an aunt for the world! I love my three little guys, and can't wait to see the men they'll grow to be. Happy Birthday, Gavin! Sissy loves you very much!

Here are some photos from the past year!

Keeping busy while at his brother's baseball game

6th bday party

attempting a wink

he sure loves ice cream

riding tractors down the hill at Mimi and Poppy's house

take a look at those baby blues!

what a cutie!

he sure loves his Mimi

pensive, and biting that lower lip

handsome harry

at Christmas; he looks SO grown up here


oh, those little baby teeth and that cowlick

old enough to play sports now

swinging that bat high


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