Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Foliage: Western Massachusetts

There is nothing quite like seeing summer change into fall. Fall is my favorite season. The smells. The leaves changing. Apple picking. Pumpkins. Indian corn. Sunflowers. Crisp mornings and evenings. And this week I had the opportunity to travel to the Pioneer Valley with my dear friend Rikki. It was a rather quick visit, but we got to visit Hallmark and made what has become an annual trip to our friend Kristin's farm.

We enjoyed a lovely visit with our incredibly talented artist-friend. Kristin chatted with us as she prepared homemade chicken soup. Then we walked outside and the dogs herded the sheep around the property. Kristin's house backs up to a mountain, and the view was simply incredible. We ended our visit with Kristin preparing a beautiful bouquet with some of the last flowers of the season.

Enjoy some pictures of our day.

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