Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Speedlite Portrait

Another assignment we have to submit by Friday is a portrait taken using a Speedlite. A speedlite is one of those flashes that you stick on the "hot shoe" of your camera.
This is kinda like what it looks like (this is an image from a Google search; it's not one I took, nor the exact camera we're using):

I've shot with a speedlite on my DSLR before I came to Hallmark, but never knew the technical to really master a great shot. I knew how to get a better shot than without the flash but kinda was doing my shots trial and error.

The assignment we got called for the following:
Create one black and white indoor environmental portrait of your partner that demonstrates your ability to effectively and creatively blend Speedlite strobe lighting with existing ambient light. You must carefully decide how to balance your flash with the ambient light to achieve the professional looking effect you desire.

So before Rikki helped me set up the environmental portrait of George, I asked if I could do a shot of her for this assignment. I thought it would look nice to have her sit at the piano that's also in the AOB. She was such a help, in both setting up the gear I needed, as well as giving advice on a lighting pattern I was trying to achieve.

Rikki and I have enjoyed working with one another this phase. When we switch in 2 weeks, I doubt we're going to be in the same group again. What a sad day! It's fun (and makes studio time a lot faster) when you have a partner who is so willing to help.

Thanks Rikki!

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