Friday, January 21, 2011

Sigda Flower Shop

When I was planning out my Phase 2 final, I thought it would be really fun to take my environmental portrait in a flower shop. I thought the colors would be really radiant and allow my subject to stand out. BUT, then I saw that the assignment called for black and white and it changed everything.

But I kept my word to showing up at the flower shop and met Rick, the owner of the shop. He said many Hallmark students have come before and that his employees have had their pictures taken a lot. I wanted to make sure I was in and out, yet did a good job showing his shop. So Rikki came with me, we set up, and only took a few moments of Rick's time.

Even though I couldn't use this one for my final, I really liked the way it came out in color...

Thanks to Sigda Flower Shop for allowing me to come in and photograph such a nice family business.

Here's Rick:

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