Monday, January 10, 2011

The newest Seventeen cover model

Introducing...the newest cover for Seventeen magazine...Rikki!

One of our assignments last week was to take a portrait to be used for one of four magazines - Time, Seveteen, Wired, or Sports Illustrated. I chose Seventeen and asked Rikki if she'd be my model. Of course she obliged...she's been SUCH a blessing, esp. these last few weeks. She's been my model, my phenomenal assistant on many shoots, and has been willing to help me out with any questions I have. What a friend.

Although it seems as though I've been enjoying every shoot, this one was a bit frustrating for me. Rikki was great and the other girl working with us in our bay was great, but for some reason I wasn't liking the poses I was having her do. By the time I was wrapping up, Rikki had no time to shoot. I felt so badly...and I needed to leave because I had a previously scheduled photoshoot that I had to get to right after class let out.

But Rikki was so kind in allowing me to try many things, including her sticking someone else's balloon in her mouth...and when we turned the balloon into a almost-realistic looking gum bubble, and the air in the balloon/bubble deflated, we had to blow it back up. Hands down, she's the best.

Anyway, this is the final shot I got.

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