Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane (or a little Cessna)

One of the little field trips we get to take is to the Northampton Airport. We had an Aerial Lecture a few weeks ago, where we received instruction about our aerial trip and the "target" we had to take a picture of. Then on our fly day, we drove to the airport, had a specific fly time, boarded the plane, took our shots, landed, and had another assignment to do while on the ground as well.
Of course my section went on Friday, one of the colder days we've had so far. I think it only got up to 39 degrees and we were outside for the majority of the day.

Our target building was in Springfield, MA. The plane literally circled the building...and you either got the shot or didn't. Then the only other picture we had to get was of something we found interesting while in the air. It could be patterns of the fields or an interesting row of buildings we saw, or the mountain ranges we passed, or trees and how they were in a formation.

These are the two shots I got. It was hard, since we were taking pictures out of plexiglass. Our pilot was nice. His name was Paul. He said he likes to try and fly every day, so long as the weather is cooperative. I sat in the "co-pilot" seat, right next to him. The plane was only able to hold 4 people total, including the pilot, so it was tight....And believe me when I say you could feel every bump that plane took. It was one of the more nerve-wracking flights I've ever taken.

But all in all it was a good day. I have yet to edit the pictures for the other assignment we had to do that day, but here are the two pictures I got from the air. And I'll also be posting some other fun ones we got during the day, while we learned about a one-head flash kit that we used to shoot our other assignment. It was such fun!!! Everyone got some awesome pictures.

So this is our target - Monarch Place - and the other businesses that surround it.

Then below is the "other" shot I submitted....I thought the arrangement of these homes was unique and made my eye keep going back to shapes and lines, both surrounding the oddity of homes and within the homes themselves.

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