Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baaaaaa said the sheep

While at photography school last year, I had the privilege of meeting some pretty fantastic people. One of the things that I loved about the area - in general - is that there were so many people who invested into the ma & pa shops instead of the bigger chain stores. Don't get me wrong...there were plenty of the chain stores, but I was captivated by the local stores, vendors selling their wares, and the side-of-the-road stands and farms.

When my mom and I visited for the first time, we stayed at this marvelous bed and breakfast - the House on the Hill. The owners are this couple - Donna and Alain - who love promoting local businesses. I kept in touch with Donna throughout my time at school and was thankful she allowed me to come and photograph the B&B quite a few times. When I asked Donna about some connections within the community, she was quick to mention her friend Kristin. Kristin, her husband, and daughter live on a farm  like few I have ever seen. They have dogs, sheep, cats, chickens, guinea fowl (to name a few), and Kristin hosts events at the farm for knitting and other art forms. Their land is beautiful and it became one of my desired photo settings for a few shoots during the spring and early summer.

Kristin was so gracious in allowing me to bring friends along each time we took photos. While there we saw days-old chicks, lambs that had just learned to walk, and heard stories of treks made with the sheep and the history of the farm. If I lived in MA today, I know - for sure - I would be fast friends with Kristin. She wears many hats and does each thing with as much passion as she does the next.

I have loved reading Kristin's blog of late, to see the new additions to the "family" - new dogs, pups, and a host of new lambs that have been born over the last few days. I hope to visit Kristin this spring when I head back to MA for a visit.

For now, here are a few (of the many) pictures taken at the farm.

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  1. Love these, Sarah! They could so be used as stock photos. Good luck with everything :)

  2. Just beautiful!!! Good luck in your career of photography!

  3. SO much cuteness! I hate to bring this up but remember that cute little lamb that had an 'accident' on you. hahahaha, I had too [: I can't wait to go back there this spring with you!