Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snowmen Cupcakes

Hopefully winter is ending soon; I can't wait for warmer weather, no snow or ice, and the ability to take more photos outside without having my fingers freeze or my models smiling through chattering teeth.

But, as I was taking a photo of a cake baker at a local farm market, she was decorating snowmen cupcakes to fulfill an order for a customer.

Aren't they so cute??

Right after I took the picture, she was using pretzel rods for their arms...too cute!

It reminded me of this picture that I saw on the web awhile back:

There is this snow festival in Japan every year called the Sapporo Snow Festival. They have snow statues and ice sculptures; 2 million people go every year.

Wonder how long it took them to put together all those little snowmen!!
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