Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Me Love Cookies

Video class began at 8am.

Our instructors showed some examples of video and told us we'd be creating a video during our 4-hr. block of class.

We were told to get in groups to go out and shoot a video that could be used to capture an event taking place. We were given some topics, including sports, creating art, reading, driving, cooking, to name a few.

We had an hour and 1/2 to film, then had to come back to school and edit our video, add a title and the names of those in our group, and drop the video in a dropbox on the server.

During the last little bit of class, we watched all the groups' videos that had been made.

Our group decided to go to my apartment and make cookies. We had such a fun time filming.
Here's our final product....remember this is the first video we had to do from start to finish and the first time editing real data that wasn't previously selected by our instructors.

I think we did well....

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