Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snow, Snow, go away, and DON'T come again another day....

I thought spring was coming, but instead, we're getting another snowstorm tomorrow. It's currently raining outside, but it's supposed to turn to all snow through the early morning hours. This is the unfortunate forecast for the next 36 hours....


In the morning, I have a portrait practical, during which I have 6 min. to meter a shot, properly expose and take a picture of someone in the portrait studio. The lights are all set up...we just need to get the camera on and take the picture. Then I have portrait studio the rest of the day, so I will be at school working on editing pictures and keeping myself warm inside.

I hope spring is coming sooooon. When I was home over spring break, I saw daffodils blooming and GREEN grass. We still have snow piles and salt everywhere. The grass is brown-ish. The birds are chirping, but on barren trees. I don't think they quite know what to do.

Spring, please come this some rotten April Fools' joke??? If so, I don't like it!! :-)
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