Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Do you think you are good at blowing bubbles? Do you know you can use a shoelace, a keyring, a hula hoop, and a headband to make bubbles? Well....you CAN!!  I went with my nephews to see Bubblemania, a spectacular performance sponsored by the PTA at their elementary school.

And Seth - the bubble expert - put on this funny, entertaining, and eye-catching show for 'kids' of all ages. I hadn't brought my camera with me, but when I realized I might be able to get some good shots, I grabbed the keys from my brother-in-law and drove the mile down the road to grab my camera. I made it back in time to see his last act -- making a human-sized bubble and having a young boy stand inside.

Seth, the bubble expert 

It was his 8th birthday, so instead of a 'high-five,' he got a 'high-eight'!

the bubble wand

the special bubble formula

a demonstration before the young boy stepped inside

showing him what to not to do

Seth told him to lick the bubble 

the finale

his farewell
The show was unlike anything I had ever seen. And what a simple concept it was. It always helps when your host has blue hair, red suspenders, and makes jokes to have the kids laughing. Job well done, Seth.
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