Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sorry it has been a few weeks since I've last posted. I wrote so much in January that I decided to give the blog a break. Not really. I got sick right after the first of the month, and this week, I am FINALLY starting to feel better. I had a pretty terrible sinus infection just wipe me out - my health, energy, and time to shoot.

I'm busy working on my Phase 3 submissions, part of which is due this Monday, and the pictures due on Feb. 28th. On Monday we have to submit our career business plan, along with our stationary set (all designed by me) - letterhead, business card, and envelope.
On the letterhead we need to write a mock cover letter to an appropriate person, depending on the work we want to do once we have completed the program.

We also need to submit a net worth statement (assets and liabilities), a monthly income summary (for the months post-Hallmark), and a photographic gear inventory (showing the equipment we have in our possession that is ours personally).

And...if that's not enough, we also have to submit a promotional piece as well as a pricing list - what we'd like to charge clients who may seek to hire us.

Then on Mon., the 28th, we have due 15 different pictures....which are inclusive of portrait work and commercial work. As I think I mentioned earlier, it's not just as simple as taking a picture and calling it done....some of them involve text work (an advertisement is one of the required pieces, so think of the ones you see adorning the pages of magazines) - we have to not only take the picture but then add the text and slogan we want to make it appear as though it could run as a legit ad for a company.

To show you a sneak peek of what I've been working on, here is the rendering for my stationary set, as well as my high key female shot of a girl who allowed me to photograph her.



Business Card*:

* FYI: The email account IS activated, but the website is NOT yet up and running, so if you go to my website, you won't find me. It's coming soon!!


I hope to write again soon, but if not, I'll definitely be posting after the submission of all my work on the 28th.

Now back to editing I go.....
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  1. I really like the business card Sarah. Very catchy! :)