Friday, June 21, 2013

Pool Fun and Summer Sun

Happy official start to summer!  What better way to show summer's skin than to have pics of cute kids in the pool. I'm also listing 10 things I hope to do/attend this summer.......

10 in Summer 2013 (in no order)

1. Readington Balloon Festival (Readington, NJ) - July 26-28
2. Peach Festival (Chester, NJ) - an annual family tradition since I was a kid  - Sat., Aug 3
3. Peach Festival (Peddler's Village, PA) - August 10-11
4. Go to the Philadelphia Zoo
5. Go to PA local parks I've not yet been to, or haven't explored in depth, including Peace Valley Park,  
    Tinicum Park, Valley Forge Park
6. Have a picnic dinner with friends
7. Take my nephews on 'dates' (for their birthday presents)
8. Eat as much potato salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad as I can, and drink homemade sweet tea as
    often as possible
9. Get to the NJ beaches at least once
10. Attend a free music night in a local park and then get ice cream

There was a plane overhead

Celebrating Stephen's birthday

Opening his cards from the kids

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