Tuesday, November 20, 2012

90 years young

Today is my grandpa's 90th birthday.

I feel like it's more rare these days for people to live till their 90th....and I am grateful for his life.

Yesterday he had cataract surgery; the doc said his eye was one of the worst he's seen. But when my grandpa realized some sight was restored, he looked at my dad and said "I can see your face, Kenny...and I can see the exit sign." To think of my grandpa saying those things - the way the words were uttered - makes me thankful to have a grandpa like him.

I am thankful today for the man my grandpa is...for the marriage he has and the love that is shown in the care he has for my grandma. I am thankful for the four boys they raised, and for the sense of family that there is, even though they don't get to see each often. I'm reminded of the many holidays spent at my grandparents house and for the sweet memories that we have of time as a family. While my grandparents weren't the type to talk about sports or the latest fashion trend, or movies in the theaters, they showed me their love by the other ways that showed their care for me - asking about my job, my living situation, or praying for me. Those intangible things carry a far greater value.

Happy 90th birthday grandpa!

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  1. We should all look SO GOOD!! **HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!**


  2. He's a great man....Thanks for the post!